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Committed to Making a Difference

At Beyond the Classroom, Inc., we are strong believers in the ability of our youth to succeed. Our  experiences are designed to help our youth reach their goals and fulfill their highest potential. We are proud of all our youth, and love watching them grow into bright-minded and confident individuals. See how we’re involved in making a difference in our youth's lives.

We incorporate four core components into our programs:

  • Provide educational and enriching opportunities that provide exposure to people, places and things.


  • Offer opportunities for students to learn outside of traditional classroom settings and outside of their neighborhoods to increase knowledge and develop skills through learning activities.


  • Engage youth in activities and projects that promote self-expression and personal growth, and help build their confidence by utilizing their skills and talents.



  • Encourage youth empowerment by providing stimulating experiences that inspire self-awareness, confidence and the desire to attain goals.


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